Replicar Kit Pricing / Options


Replicar Kit Contents

Price £6295 

  • One piece GRP body in a full range or solid colours inc black, ivory, British racing green, bright red or Oxford blue.

  • Satin black GRP dash board panel.

  • GRP bonnet with return flange edge.

  • GRP boot lid with return flange edge.

  • Pair of GRP doors with internal door pockets.

  • Space frame chassis to take MX5 subframes and suspension.

  • Set of Lucas style rear lights and including reverse and fog.

  • Pair of front indicators.

  • All alloy panels ready to trim and fit.

  • Alloy transmission tunnel folded to suit.

  • Fly screen in 3 sections.

  • Nut, bolt and washer pack including rivets, screws, P clips and brake pipe.

  • Pair of headlamp covers, (the headlights  from MX5 MK1 can be used)

Optional powder coating of chassis in either gloss black or light grey - £400


Wheels are available for approx £1600 per set from Motor Wheel Services International if you are looking for true 50’s chrome wires (spokes). These bolt straight on to the MX5 hubs.

Alternatively go for the D type Jag look with steel wheels from a BMW Mini One or vauxhall - which have the same bolt pattern as Mazda.

Seats are a personal choice and so we do not supply them, you can of course fit the ones from the donor MX5 or opt for a more period look, there are lots out there to choose from.